Regan & Ryan – Testimonial

This is an email I received just a minute or two ago and really reminds me why I love this job.  Enjoy.

Wow.  To say that the video was worth the wait would be a vast understatement.  If I started cataloging all the little details that you used to get the most out of our wedding day for the video, this e-mail would probably take me the rest of the day. But I can’t let all of them go unmentioned either so, much like you did, I’ll try to hit the highlights 🙂

I loved the opening montage of the empty, but glowing church and the steeple with the branches blowing in the breeze in the foreground.  It took me right back to the day, to the blustery weather.  And, it’s a testament to your editing prowess that you managed to capture the best moments of me getting ready with my bridesmaids and my family without any embarrassing stuff 🙂  I loved having the opportunity to see Ryan prepping with his guys too … that shot of Ryan coming down the stairs and his mom looking up at him was amazing and the song choice was spot-on.

During the ceremony, the soft music was a great accompaniment and, once again, your editing and subtle transitions kept the action moving.  I never would have remembered our first words to each other as husband and wife if you hadn’t caught them on Ryan’s mic as we exited the church 🙂

In fact, you did such a good job editing and transitioning between the different phases of the day that it’s almost too easy to overlook how difficult it must be to make a video flow that smoothly … Capturing the laughter during the group photos, the goofiness of our bridal party being introduced, the over-the-drape shot to start our dance (I thought I was watching a movie!), the slow-mo of Ryan dipping me.  And, I know you were worried about the combined mother/son-father/daughter dance, but, once again, you did an amazing job.  The little timing edits you made during the dance sequence were priceless too: Scott and Audrey’s kiss, the clapping, using the song’s rhythm to make the cuts … wow, wow and wow.

Basically, in addition to all your hard work on the amazing editing and voice-over narration in the video, you did exactly what I’d hoped: captured moments that I would have never otherwise been able to see or moments that, in the hustle and bustle of the day, would have too easily been forgotten or overlooked without your video.

Last but not least, this e-mail would not be complete without mentioning the completely above and beyond work you did to get the ceremony cut to show my Grandfather.  I won’t ever forget that.

Thanks so much for everything; we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to have you and your team capture the best day of our lives (so far).

If you want to check out a clip from their video, take a look at their wedding day recap.

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