Using Sparklers to End Your Wedding

We recently shot a wedding where the couple decided they wanted to use sparklers to end the evening as they walked out of the beautiful Lighthouse Sound and into their car. Although it wound up looking beautiful, we did pick up some tips that would make the ending to your wedding night much more sparkly! 🙂

If you plan on going the sparkler route as well, make sure you get sparklers that are at least 2 feet long. These things burn out fast and you want to make sure you have plenty of time to get out of the reception hall and to your vehicle.

Next, make sure whoever is handing out the sparklers knows the game plan and can organize people properly. The best way we’ve found to make sure your exit is as beautiful as you want it to be is to give everyone an unlit sparkler and have them line up appropriately. You’ll want your guests to form a walkway on both sides of the road so that you can walk down the center of the aisle. Once everyone is in place, you’ll want to light a single sparkler every 10-20 people or so (depending on the number of guests) and have that person light the person standing next to them, and so on. The first sparkler may take a few minutes to light as you have to burn through the protective coating to get to the burning agent. However, using that sparkler to light other sparklers goes very quickly since the flame of the sparkler is much hotter than the flame of the candle or lighter you used to light the first one.

Make sure your photographer and videographer are ready before you come out or else you may have paid a lot of money for the experience but have nothing to remember it by afterwards. Once everyone is set and the sparkler line is lit, then you can come out and enjoy one of the grandest exits of your life.

Also, please note if the reception hall has a covered area in front of the doors and try to minimize the number of sparklers under the covered area. The smoke and smell has no where to go when you’re under cover and it can make your dream departure a smoky haze filled trip.