The Lagoon at Salisbury – :30 Commercial Spot

When Stacie Bowen Desautels, Director of Sales & Marketing for The Fountains Wedding and Conference Center, approached us to do a commercial for their new restaurant, The Lagoon, we were thrilled.  We’ve always loved shooting weddings there and have a great relationship with the entire staff there (in fact, we’re the only videographers they have allowed to advertise directly on their website).

Stacie and I sat down and worked out what we really wanted to showcase with the new project.  The Lagoon brings some interesting and unique features to Salisbury and we think we did a good job of capturing that in this promotional piece.

Special thanks to Rebecca “Roxi” Ritchie for doing the voice over work for this.  If you ever have a need for quality voice over talent who’s voice is really well known in the area, give Roxi a call.

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