Megan & Harry – Photo Montage

Now that we have started to expand our business to include videography as well as photography, we have a unique ability to bring all our expertise to bear for our clients. In the videography business Same Day Edits are all the rage.  With a Same Day Edit (or SDE), the videographer prepares a musical montage of the day for everyone to view at the reception.  It’s a difficult thing to pull off given the time constraints.  In this case, we were blessed to be able to photograph Megan & Harry at their wedding so we thought, why not do a same day photo montage.

This is what we delivered to them to enjoy on their wedding. We give you the Same Day Photo Montage.

Christina & Kit – Digital Animated Photo Montage

Here’s another digital animated photo montage we produced recently for our latest newlywed couple, Christina & Kit. This one was a lot of work. Our montages normally come in around 50 pictures. This was 136. So the challenge became how to keep people’s interest for 13 minutes. We think we did a pretty decent job — we got a standing ovation at the reception (or, well, they did).

We used primarly After Effects for this but have started to play with our new best friend, Cinema 4D as well. We think the results were pretty spectacular.

Seaside Dance Academy – Photo Montage

Well, another tremendously successful year for Seaside Dance Academy based out of Berlin, MD. Every year around the beginning of June, they hold their annual spring concert at Wicomico High School and every year they tear the roof off the place. It’s a LONG day for us … They have two programs (one at noon and another at 6:30pm and they each last about 3 hours) … but man the girls make it a lot of fun and we have enjoyed ourselves shooting their recital for the past 3 years. Here’s a little photo montage showing off some of the girls (and guys) and their very talented dance teams.

Nancy & Dustin – Digital Animated Photo Montage

Nancy & Dustin were an awesome couple to work with.  During the course of meeting with them and talking to them, I learned that they have an interesting history.  They were apparently in the same school (and classroom) since they were kids but they didn’t really know or talk to each other.  It was only later in life, after they started dating, that they realized this.

When they came to me wanting to do a photo montage for their wedding I just knew we had to weave that into the story. Plus we wanted to do something other than the traditional photo montage.  Being inspired by some of my videographer colleagues, this gave rise to our version of the Digital Animated Photo Montage.

Take a look and tell me what you think.