Transfer your old VHS home movies to DVD

If you don’t know what to get your mom and dad this christmas season, why not let us help? Take some of those old VHS tapes of you and your kids and transfer them to DVD and give them a great present that they will appreciate this year.


VHS technology is dying and it’s getting harder and harder to find VHS players in the store anymore. Tapes are brittle and degenerate over time. Do you really want to put those tapes into your VCR and find that they have been replaced with snow and static?

Give us your old VHS tapes and we will put them through our professional grade VCRs to restore them to the best possible quality and then convert them to DVD for you. We’ll use the same professional quality DVD’s that we use for our wedding videos and then also give you a professional created DVD case with artwork so that you can really surprise your family this holiday season.

Visit our VHS to DVD transfer page and fill out the form and we’ll get started on your project right away.  Plus, if you mention that you saw this advertisement on our blog, we’ll knock an additional $5.00 off each DVD.