Seaford Dance Center 2010 – Practice Montage

This year I tried something a little different.  The montage this year is slanted a little more towards the seniors.  I’m sure it may run the risk of upsetting some of the parents of the younger kids but I just felt the girls that were leaving this year should have just a little extra attention paid to them.

Good luck to my graduating girls… Don’t forget about us and come back to visit often! 🙂

Thriller 2009 Dance Routine

The Seaford Dance Center has started, over the past few years, incorporating lyrical dances as part of their annual spring concert. We really enjoy them because it gives us the opportunity to get a little creative with the dances and make them a little more than they were. This year the teen girls also decided to do their version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This started our fun times with smoke machines and fire departments!

Anyway, long story short, here’s an “enhanced” version of their dance.