Originally founded in 1985 by Paxton ‘Pat’ Bailey, Memories Forever was created under the premise of ‘You name it, we’ll tape it.’ Pat worked with his son, Steve, to videotape anything he could possibly find. Together they would tape weddings, birthday parties, and 50th anniversaries, just to name a few. When Pat passed away in 1994, the business sort of died with him. In November of 2000, Steve received a phone call from a long time friend of the family. She remembered what Steve used to do with his father and asked if he would videotape her two daughters weddings in February of 2001. Nervously, Steve agreed and hasn’t looked back since. Those first two weddings reminded Steve how much he enjoys recording and preserving family memories. ‘When a new bride and groom approach us and ask us to videotape their wedding,’ Steve said, ‘we consider it a tremendous responsibility. This is one of the most important moments in their lives and to trust us to do a good job for them is an honor that none of us take lightly.’

And the passion that Steve and his team have for what they do shows through in the finished product. Every year since 2003, Steve and his team have attended the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) expo in Las Vegas. ‘Expo is a way for us to energize ourselves for our clients in the coming year. We learn all the newest techniques and trends in wedding videography and are able to bring those techniques to our clients,’ Steve said. In 2005, their videos won an Artistic Acheivement Award and two Telly awards.

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